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childrens party limo

Types Of Limo Parties

Many people will hire a limousine service for a special occasion in their lives. Whether you are going to that special business meeting or another special event and want to make a good first impression, a rental might be the way to go. This can leave a lasting impression on people that could open many doors for your future. Many people feel that this auto adds a touch of class and importance to the situation and is well worth the investment that they will spend. Think about arriving at a suit and tie event and getting out of a taxi cab or parking your own car and walking through the parking lot or having your own chauffeur drive up to the front door, get out and open up your door letting you out and driving away. Which would make the best impression?

How to Choose

There are a variety of different styles and colors for you to choose from. Also, how many people are you wanting to have riding at the same time are something else to consider. If there are only going to be two or three people then you are safe in your choice, but if you are going to have ten or more, you will want to make sure that you have selected the proper size so your guests can ride in comfort. Some of your choices will depend upon the type of event that you are hiring one for. Many people will prefer white limousine rental for their wedding, but others will also choose different colors and styles depending upon the theme and plans for their wedding. A business person trying to make an impression on his bosses will more than likely choose a black color and something in the style of more professional looking.

What Events Are They Used?

• Weddings
• Anniversary
• Special dates (
• Business meetings
• Proms

Making an Impression

These are only a few suggestions that a limo rental will normally be considered. They are mainly hired for events that are important or that you want to make an impression. It could be on that special date where you are getting ready to ask the girl of your dreams to become your wife. People have rented then for concerts or sporting events also. Talk to your rental company and discuss the number of people that will be in your party, the type of event that you are going to attend and your plans that include the use of the rental.

Another thing to consider is if you are going to have an open bar on board. Do you want to include snacks and what are the options for these? Discuss all of these options with the rental company and know approximately what your bill is going to be per drink or for the snacks.

childrens party limo

There are packages that some offer that could include various drinks and snacks and others might charge by the drink that is taken from the bar. Make sure that you are covering your entire basis for an unforgettable night on the town, and remember if you are including too many people, you might have to consider a party bus rental to accommodate your guests.

Limo Service

What Kinds Of Limos Are There?

When people are searching for a limousine service for their special event, there are different types of limos to choose from. There are a variety of sizes and designs that a person has to choose from, depending upon what function that they are renting one for their transportation. Your representative from the rental agency can help you to determine which selection that you might need to make. There are several factors that will help you to choose the proper selection; such as the type of event that you are renting a limo for and the number of people that will be riding in it.visit this link now!

Style Versus Function

If you are looking for a limo rental, you probably have something special in mind. If you are going to a business meeting and you want to make a good impression, you are going to choose a more professional ride to get you there. If you and some buddies are going out bar hopping and seeing the city, the professional look is not as important. If you are having a birthday party with a large number of guests, checking on a party bus would probably be the best choice. The event or function that you are getting your rental will have a huge bearing on your selection. You will want your ride to match your event or function that you are attending.

Different Kinds Of Limos

• Regular limos such as Lincoln Town Cars
• Stretched limos (
• Stretched Hummers
• Party Buses

Why Rent A Limo?

When considering renting a limousine, the part of the decision is that it should show class and style. No matter what level of a limo that you are considering, it will be more luxurious than a rental car or taxi. All levels will normally come with a chauffeur and many amenities that you will not be able to find through your normal car rental agency. Be realistic, the regular limo is much smaller than a stretched, so do not expect to find all the luxuries in a regular as you would in a stretched, because of lack of room. Be sure to ask your representative what amenities come with the car of your choice.

So depending upon what event you are attending and the number of people that you are transporting. will determine what limo that would be the best for you to choose. If you are looking for a stocked bar with snacks, ask your agent, because of the room you will need a stretched.

Limo Service

Most stretched will have televisions, stereos and a bar. There are also the party buses that are great for bigger groups such as birthday parties. These can be designed differently as to look like a night club inside, or other inviting atmospheres. Make sure that your selection has the amenities that you are looking for to please your crowd. Some rental companies could even have an all occasion limo that is available.

Party Bus

A Party Bus Versus A Party On A Bus

A party bus rental is a big consideration when a special event has been planned that includes several of your friends. There are rental companies that have luxury party buses, each with their own atmosphere and party type decor. These are not just plain old buses like you rode to school on that might offer a stereo for your music selection.

Some of these buses offer a party like atmosphere designed on the inside like a night club on wheels. This one offers two bars with seating that faces out so you can visit with all of your guests. There are many amenities on buses like these. This offers elegance and style with you and your friends and helps with the costs if everyone pitches in and helps to pay the bill.

Renting a Regular Bus For A Party

Some companies will offer just plain school bus type buses for rent that you and your friends can rent to party on. These normally will have all seating that is front facing, making it hard to visit with your guests. It is up to you and your friends to create your own party atmosphere. Now of course you would not have to worry about a designated driver. Many of these are more worried about the school bus type seating than a party area for everyone to visit and enjoy their ride. This could get quite boring and uncomfortable if a group of your college friends decided to rent a Party Bus for your spring break journey.

When Is A Party Bus Rental Beneficial?

• College Trip for Spring Break
• A rolling wedding reception
• A special prom night
• Birthday Party
• A group of friends renting one just for a night on the town

Choosing Your Rental

Even though the party bus will be substantially more expensive, giving your guests the atmosphere and the theme of the party bus will be worth every penny of the expense. This will be the party that everyone will remember and be telling their friends about for the next few years.view details from the site:

These elegant buses are designed to almost guarantee everyone on board to have a great time. These buses will also add class and elegance to your get together. Many families have been known to rent these for their holiday vacation getaway and everyone pitches in to help pay for the great time.

Party Bus

Do not just take the agent’s word that you talk to on the phone. Get the address and go take a tour of the buses that they offer. Make sure you are getting what you are paying for. You do not want to pay for a party bus and wind up with just having to have a party on a bus. There is a world of difference and class. Ask any questions that you might have and help to determine if you and your group would enjoy having your get together on this bus. If you have a smaller group and the bus seems a bit much for you and your group, if there is enough room, consider an all occasion limo to help to meet your needs.

Rent A Regular Or Stretched Limo

Should I Rent A Regular Or Stretched Limo?

When looking for a limo service, many people will not know if they are needing a regular or a stretched one. When calling your rental company, discuss this with them and they will help you make a decision on what type that you need. It will mainly depend upon the function or event that you are planning on attending and the number of people that you are going to be transporting. Both types can be rented with a chauffeur and will take you and pick you up or whatever your needs might be.see this post!

A Regular Limo

A regular limo could be in the form of a nicer car. This could include cars such as the Lincoln Town Car. These cars are normally equipped with more luxuries than the normal Lincoln Town Car that you would get from a regular rental company or purchase from a car lot. Because of course the car would be smaller than a stretched limo, it would not have as many luxuries as renting a stretched limo.

Many times these are rented for only a small number of people to go to places such as the airport, or on a special date or used for the ability to get from one location to another. With the added chauffeur, it still adds class and style to your arrival and gives you the opportunity not to have to drive around in an unfamiliar area if you are out of town.

How Is A Stretched Limo Different?

• Much larger in size

• Many more passengers

• May have a wet bar

• Some are set up with televisions

• Most have stereos in them (

Making Your Choice

Most people when they hear the words Limousine Service, will instantly think of the long black car that is driven by a chauffeur. This is the most popular type of limo, but not everyone will need to rent one that elaborate. Many things are to be considered, such as the number of people that will be riding in it, the impression that you are trying to make and the event that you will be attending. Another important consideration is the cost. Normally a regular limo would be cheaper to rent than a stretched limo. If you are requiring a wet bar, then of course because of the room inside, you will need to rent a stretched one.

Rent A Regular Or Stretched Limo

When calling to find out about rentals, make sure that you discuss your options with the rental agency that you are speaking with. These agents are trained and know about the cars that they have available. They can discuss finances with you and help you to make a decision that will work for your event. If you are giving your wedding party a ride to the reception hall after your ceremony of course you are going to need to rent a stretched. There are many things to consider when you are choosing your limo rental.

Myers limo service

Travel safely and comfortably with Fort Myers limo service

Opting for a Fort Myers limo service for traveling to and from the airport helps a corporate executive avoiding the hassle of moving through unknown traffic systems by himself or having to take a cab or even wait for a shuttle. Using an executive Fort Myers Limo Service provides both professionalism and safety on the way to and from the airport.learn more here!

Meanwhile, you can do some of your work or just relax after a tiring flight. Usually, there are expert drivers who will take you to the destination in style. They will take good care of you and your baggage right from the airport and until the place you have to get to. They know all congested traffic areas and also roads that are under construction and this way, they are able to avoid troubles and get you where you need to be time.

Before choosing a car and a driver, take into consideration the number of people who travel with you and the amount of luggage you will have.

If you go for a good Fort Myers limo service, you will have the possibility to choose from luxury sedans to minibuses, according to the size party. If there is a business team, a chauffeured SUV is the best option. It offers the necessary conditions for members to put their heads together and also to exchange their ideas while the drivers make sure they will get to the destination safely and on time.

Choose the best driver for your Fort Myers limo service

Search for a driver who knows the area and who is able to recommend restaurants or give you additional information you might need. Whether you have to wine and dine a customer or you want to go sightseeing, he should be in the right position to offer you the details you want to know. A knowledgeable driver must help you visit the greatest spots in the amount of time you have available.

Adaptability is a very important aspect. There might be some changes in a businessman’s agitated schedule and both the driver and the car are supposed to wait, no matter if the dates and the times change. When choosing a Fort Myers limo service, experience must be taken into consideration. Busy executives are looking for people who are used to attending customers on a corporate level. So searching for references is a must.

• Corporate limo services

Always opt for a service which is specialized in corporate transportation. This type of company will have the necessary conditions to transport the busiest executives. On a single day, executives have many meetings at different locations around the city. Having a driver and car allows you to take some time between appointments in order to relax and refresh, or make some last minute adjustments to any presentations you may be having that day.

For example, if your company hosts an event and your guests come in from all over the world, you are interested in providing them a luxury travel to the chosen venue. That is why you must go for an executive Fort Myers limo service that offers all the amenities in order to impress your clients and make them realize that you care about them and you want them to benefit from a special treatment.

You might have famous or at least well-known clients. In this case, they need the privacy and also the good taste afforded by a car driver and limo. Not to mention that safety is required as well. You might also have clients who are carrying values, so this is sort of an essential matter that has to be considered. If you hire a corporate car with a Fort Myers limo service, you will create a positive image of your company and your clients will totally be impressed. In the end, that is what you want, isn’t it?see details from

Of course, there are both advantages and drawbacks when it comes to choosing a Fort Myers limo service. The first thing that comes to your mind is probably the price of this service. Taking into consideration the level of the economy and the fact that most companies had to cut down on expenses, some might be tempted to opt for a cheaper service. But is this a really good idea?

o Advantages

The first thing you benefit from when you choose a cheap Fort Myers limo service is the price. There are a lot of limousine services on the market that fit all types of budgets and they also have a luxurious fleet of cars. So, less expensive companies should be considered. If you wonder how it is possible to offer exclusive services at lower prices, you should know that these companies realized that they can make a bigger profit this way by accommodating more and more passengers at a lower rate.

Of course, arriving to a venue in a limo is a mark of prestige, not to mention about the comfort offered. There are a lot of benefits for travelers and the ride is a stress-free one. The interior of the limo looks amazing, with leather seats and amenities you will never find in a normal taxi. Most of them are also equipped with WiFi access, a mini bar and music systems.

o Disadvantages

Myers limo service

People know that in most of the cases, they get exactly what they pay for and they are aware of the fact that hiring a cheaper Fort Myers limo service must have some drawbacks too. That is why clients have to pay attention when it comes to selecting a less expensive service. For example, there are companies which have unscrupulous drivers who might charge extra fees for the services they offer. They can ask you to pay for the food and drinks removed from the mini bar or for assistance with luggage.learn more from this link!

It is important to take a good look at the vehicles. The majority of those discount limo services don’t have new vehicles and you can’t expect to travel in a very clean or luxurious car. If this aspect is not so important for you, you can opt for a cheap Fort Myers limo service. However, if you’re looking to benefit from the exquisite services of Fort Myers limo service, you’ll receive what you pay for, supreme luxury.

In conclusion, the best idea for you before choosing a less expensive limo service is to do some research and also to ask for recommendations from friends or neighbors who might have used the same service.

Tampa Limo Service

Tampa Limo Service

Tampa Limo Service is the topic that will be discussed in this article. You may wonder where the word “limousine” came from, and just what is a limousine, or limo. This history of this unusual word is just as unusual. The origin of the word limousine was in central France, where there was a region named Limousine before automobiles even existed. So, how in the world did a type of automobile come to be named after this town? The answer is that the shepherds in Limousine exclusively wore a special style of large cloak with a hood.view latest news!

The drivers, or chauffeurs for wealthy owners of an automobile adopted wearing such a garment, also, to protect them from the wind and bad weather. The owners rode in the back of their vehicles, where they had a top to block the weather, while the drivers were in an open front seat. Today, a limousine is a big luxury vehicle that, like in those old days of France, is driven by a chauffeur. It has plate glass separating the passengers from the chauffeur. Another use of the word limousine, or limo, is any large vehicle that carries people to and from airports.

What is a limousine?

A limo is specifically a luxury SUV or sedan, with an extended wheelbase, and is typically driven by a chauffeur. There are also stretch limousines that have the wheelbase extended even further from the usual limo size. Customarily, they are either a white or black car, with these symbolic colors identified as colors of prestige. The limo denotes wealth and power since they are often owned by the rich and famous of the world.

They are often used as a mode of transportation to and from international airports, as prestigious alternative to a taxi. They are also rented for events, such as weddings, parties and proms. If you live in Tampa, Florida, among other companies, there is a Tampa Limo Service that is offered every day, 24-hours a day. Most of these Tampa limo service companies also have a “live chat” agent around the clock, available from their online website.

Limousines are not just owned by a limo rental service. They are owned by governments around the world to transport distinguished politicians. Large corporations own limousines for their upper echelon executives to use. However, the stretch limousines are often used as rentals from a limo service. Unlike the standard limos, the stretch limos are custom built by an independent manufacturer. They take standard vehicles, and weld the extremely long sections that are so impressive. Such large vehicles are popular with celebrities, top athletes and musicians in North America and Europe. Some such vehicles are modified with heavy bullet-proof armor and plate glass for security.

Who makes limousines?

There are many styles of limos today, and they are manufactured by all the big name auto companies, such as Mercedes, Jaguar, Chevrolet, Ford, Volkswagen, Audi, and of course, the all-time classic Rolls Royce. Some American celebrities, such as the late Elvis Presley, and Jay Leno have owned a few limousines made by General Motors and Ford Motor Company. Elvis, who was fond of Cadillacs, had two Cadillac Series 75 Fleetwood limousines in the mid 50s. He also had a fine Lincoln Premier limousine. As you may expect from the King of Rock, all of his limos had the latest technology in high-end audio players, TVs, bar and fridge. Jay Leno, who is known as the biggest car collector in the world, owns a collection of splendid vintage Deusenberg limousines.

Other wealthy limo owners today own the popular Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limousines. They are offered in six, eight and ten-passenger models. The six- and eight-passenger model is very stylish with the two passenger seats facing one another. Some of the stretch Lincoln Town Cars have Lambo rear doors that catch attention by opening upward; while others have the Lincoln trademark “suicide doors” that open at the front. There are some really exciting variations of seat arrangements with the Lincoln Town Cars.

The larger ones are an extra eight feet longer than the standard Lincoln Town Car, which gives lots of room for these unique seats. The eight- and ten-passenger limos will sometimes have either an opposing front and back seat, or a front and back seat with an additional J-shaped seat. The J-shaped seat may even have an eye-catching fifth door at its end. They may even be stretched to 120 inches longer than standard Town Car length. There are 12-passenger Super Stretch limousines that are even 20 inches more in length, at 140 inches over standard length. They are so long that they are outlawed in some states of America.

Tampa, Florida is a city with many limousine services for tourists, executives, and residents of this beautiful subtropical city. Some have photogenic professional chauffeurs that are uniformed. They will make any special event with a limo service even more special.

If you are taking a trip to or from the Tampa International Airport (TPA), Orlando International Airport (MCO), St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport (PIE), there will be a limo service for you. Rates are around $55 each way for a wonderful ride in a sedan limousine for your airport transportation.

There is a variety of Tampa Limo Service offered

There are several different limo styles offered, so there is one that is perfect for your needs. They are the SUV, Sedan, Party Bus, and Tailgating Tampa Limo Service. Each will be described for your ideal selection:

Tampa SUV Limo

The SUV Tampa limo service will accommodate seven people plus your luggage stored on top. There are other special amenities for a stylish, cozy ride. The service with this and all Tampa Limo Service limousines is guaranteed to be a pleasurable trip. The cost is $75 each way.

The Sedan Limo

This is the ideal Tampa limo service. This stately Mercedes Benz seats up to fifteen easily. The ride will be the ultimate in comfort, with a smooth trip in store for you. There are some incredible features with the L3 ride. You can stand up and groove with the music from the great sound. There is also a cutting-edge light show with the flip of a switch. You can plug your laptop in for Wi-Fi, XM-Sirius with iPod, an iPad, and a DVD player for your own music taste. This is an ideal Tampa limo service choice for a night out. The price varies with the L3 package, so contact Tampa Limo Service for the one that is best for you.

Tampa Limo Service

Party Bus Limo

Party like it’s the NEW YEAR! The Party Bus Limo Service provides a party bus limo for up to 35 party-goer passengers. With this choice you can contact a limo service company and have a party with a custom theme.

Tailgate Limo

This is the ideal limo service package for your tailgating party to a Buccaneers game at anytime during football season. All you and your friends will have to do is have fun. The smooth ride, catered food & drinks, parking and more will all be taken care of. You can even get your tickets purchased through the Tampa limo service. Check around for the best Tampa limo service for you and your crew today.

Best Occasions To Use A Limo Service

Best Occasions To Use A Limo Service

More and more people in London have started to use the services provided by companies who hire limos. Both regular people and corporate entities have come to realize the tremendous benefits of using a limo service for various occasions. The level of class, prestige and style that a limousine can provide you is virtually unparalleled, because it will greatly enhance your fame. So whether you are a company who want to attend a huge corporate event or a regular person who simply wants to show off, hiring a limo can be a one in a lifetime opportunity.

People from London have also started to use limo services for less fancier events. The truth is that they are becoming a new trend today, especially for those who afford to spend over £100 for one hour of fun and fashion. However, before requesting a quote from one of the companies who rent limousines, you need to make sure that you will use the service that best complements your needs.

Top Occasions to Use a Limo Service

When considering renting a limo, you need to think outside the box when it comes to when or where to use it. There are dozens of occasions when you can take advantage of a limo. These are the most creative ways to use a limo service in London.

  1. Youths Parties

A limo is probably the coolest and the safest way to reward your young man for graduating or for earning good grades. You can throw a party inside and invite a few close friends of yours. Don’t hesitate to drive around your neighborhood to show off, but in the same time be thankful to your sponsors. Usually, renting a limo with the purpose of a party is less expensive, because you won’t need to pay for gas or other utilities. However, you will certainly need a bigger limo, such as the famous Hummer H3 that is a sure head turner.

  1. Means of Transportation

One of the most common uses of a limo is to take you and your friends to a restaurant or an event. If you want to spend an amazing night with your best friends and you want to make it really special, renting a limo is certainly one of the most unique ideas you can take into consideration. You can also take a food tour of your town. Take advantage of the mini fridge inside to chill a nice bottle of champagne or wine until you reach your destination. The good news is that you can enjoy as much wine and liquor you want, without compromising your journey, since none of you or your friends will have to drive.

  1. Wine Tours

Not many people know that limousines are among the most beloved ways to go to a wine tasting event. If you are not that keen on going to your destination with someone you can’t trust, or you simply want to improve your travel experience and get ready for the event, limousine can allow you to relax. In fact, you won’t have any worries except finding the perfect pinot grigio.

  1. Dating

This is certainly one of the best occasions to use a limousine service. After you have finally gotten the phone number of the girl you adore, try not to plan a movie night or a sushi evening. Rather, go big and impress both her and her parents by picking up your date in a full-sized limo. The new Chrysler 300 cc is an amazing choice for this task.

Featuring scissor doors and a luxury look, this limo is one of a kind, probably the best limo you can rent in London to impress your girl. Your date will certainly be impressed by the atmosphere and luxury of chauffeured transportation. continue reading..

  1. Family Vacations

Want to spend your holiday outside the city and to feel like having the time of your life? If you have a large family and you need to keep your eyes on the children all the time, hiring a limo could be an amazing choice. By getting a designated driver, you will have more time for yourself and for your family, and you can unwind a bit from your daily busy routine. Even if you might spend a few hundred pounds more, it is worth it.

Best Occasions To Use A Limo Service6 .Airport Transfers

This is the best option for getting you to and from the airport. It is well known that chauffeured ground transportation is generally cheaper than paying for long-term parking. Moreover, with a limo you will certainly get in time at the airport, especially if you want to get to Heathrow or Stansted, where it is a little crowded than usual during weekdays.

  1. Sporting Events

Another interesting occasion when you can use a limo is when you want to watch your favorite team playing against their rivals from the comfort of an exquisite car. Take a few friends who want to share the cost of the journey, buy some beers and champagne and start watching the game. However, don’t forget to request a limousine that features a wide 1080p LCD screen, because you need to enjoy a full HD experience on this occasion.

  1. Wedding

Lastly, one of the most popular uses of a limousine is to transport the bride and the groom from the church to the party. More and more couples have come to discover the benefits of renting a limousine or a luxury mini bus. Not only you will feel special, but you will leave behind a great impression. A minibus can be easily used to transport all the guests from the church to the reception area at a reduced cost.