Important Things to know about Limousine Service


Limousine also known as limo is a luxury car. This saloon car is run by the chauffer. There is a division between the driver and the compartment of the passenger. It is very rarely owned by people in person, and it is only offered on specific occasions like weddings or other specific occasions. This is called as limo service or limousine service and is available in all the big hotels and banquet halls.

The conspicuous feature of the all occasion limo is that it is of a different body style and has got a long wheel base. It is distinguished in some countries because of its style, and that is why it is named so over there. The body structure of limousine is called as the sedan body style. Sometimes this generic name is referred to this specific body style.

Limousine service

The trend of limo service was first introduced in the big cities and there was no concept previously of such luxury cars. Later on, with the passage of time the concepts and trends among people changed and now the luxurious limousine service is demanded as a compulsory item of every extravagant occasion and event.

Generally, there are two kinds of limousine cars. One is the traditional model which used to be famous in the old times. That is not or very rarely used these days. The second one is the stretch limousine which is the recent and most modern style of the vehicle. In fact, it is also considered as the all occasion limo.

General features of limousine

There are, some of the conspicuous features of limousine which are not there in any other car.

  • For example, the most prominent feature of this stylish all occasion limo is the long wheelbase of the car.
  • Secondly, there is a permanent partition between the driver’s chamber and the passengers’ chamber. This provides extra privacy to the passengers.
  • There are two or three jump seats mounted in the car as well. As a result, the number of persons which can be carried in the car is increased.
  • There is enough foot space in the car facing the back of the chamber of the driver.

Although this design is almost the same in all limousines, the funeral trade Limousines differ in the arrangement of extra seats in the foot space.

Limo service for parties

There is a special offer in which the limousine service is offered in the parties. In addition to this along with limousine the party bus rental is also offered. Usually limousine is taken on rent only for the main and important guests of the party or in case of weddings for bride and groom.  All the other guests are accommodated in the party bus rental service:

In short, it is very important to know every detail about the limousine before hiring the limousine service for your occasions. Knowing all the details will help you in handling the car and utilizing it in the best possible way.