Rent A Regular Or Stretched Limo

Should I Rent A Regular Or Stretched Limo?

When looking for a limo service, many people will not know if they are needing a regular or a stretched one. When calling your rental company, discuss this with them and they will help you make a decision on what type that you need. It will mainly depend upon the function or event that you are planning on attending and the number of people that you are going to be transporting. Both types can be rented with a chauffeur and will take you and pick you up or whatever your needs might be.see this post!

A Regular Limo

A regular limo could be in the form of a nicer car. This could include cars such as the Lincoln Town Car. These cars are normally equipped with more luxuries than the normal Lincoln Town Car that you would get from a regular rental company or purchase from a car lot. Because of course the car would be smaller than a stretched limo, it would not have as many luxuries as renting a stretched limo.

Many times these are rented for only a small number of people to go to places such as the airport, or on a special date or used for the ability to get from one location to another. With the added chauffeur, it still adds class and style to your arrival and gives you the opportunity not to have to drive around in an unfamiliar area if you are out of town.

How Is A Stretched Limo Different?

• Much larger in size

• Many more passengers

• May have a wet bar

• Some are set up with televisions

• Most have stereos in them (

Making Your Choice

Most people when they hear the words Limousine Service, will instantly think of the long black car that is driven by a chauffeur. This is the most popular type of limo, but not everyone will need to rent one that elaborate. Many things are to be considered, such as the number of people that will be riding in it, the impression that you are trying to make and the event that you will be attending. Another important consideration is the cost. Normally a regular limo would be cheaper to rent than a stretched limo. If you are requiring a wet bar, then of course because of the room inside, you will need to rent a stretched one.

Rent A Regular Or Stretched Limo

When calling to find out about rentals, make sure that you discuss your options with the rental agency that you are speaking with. These agents are trained and know about the cars that they have available. They can discuss finances with you and help you to make a decision that will work for your event. If you are giving your wedding party a ride to the reception hall after your ceremony of course you are going to need to rent a stretched. There are many things to consider when you are choosing your limo rental.

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