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Important Things to know about Limousine Service


Limousine also known as limo is a luxury car. This saloon car is run by the chauffer. There is a division between the driver and the compartment of the passenger. It is very rarely owned by people in person, and it is only offered on specific occasions like weddings or other specific occasions. This is called as limo service or limousine service and is available in all the big hotels and banquet halls.

The conspicuous feature of the all occasion limo is that it is of a different body style and has got a long wheel base. It is distinguished in some countries because of its style, and that is why it is named so over there. The body structure of limousine is called as the sedan body style. Sometimes this generic name is referred to this specific body style.

Limousine service

The trend of limo service was first introduced in the big cities and there was no concept previously of such luxury cars. Later on, with the passage of time the concepts and trends among people changed and now the luxurious limousine service is demanded as a compulsory item of every extravagant occasion and event.

Generally, there are two kinds of limousine cars. One is the traditional model which used to be famous in the old times. That is not or very rarely used these days. The second one is the stretch limousine which is the recent and most modern style of the vehicle. In fact, it is also considered as the all occasion limo.

General features of limousine

There are, some of the conspicuous features of limousine which are not there in any other car.

  • For example, the most prominent feature of this stylish all occasion limo is the long wheelbase of the car.
  • Secondly, there is a permanent partition between the driver’s chamber and the passengers’ chamber. This provides extra privacy to the passengers.
  • There are two or three jump seats mounted in the car as well. As a result, the number of persons which can be carried in the car is increased.
  • There is enough foot space in the car facing the back of the chamber of the driver.

Although this design is almost the same in all limousines, the funeral trade Limousines differ in the arrangement of extra seats in the foot space.

Limo service for parties

There is a special offer in which the limousine service is offered in the parties. In addition to this along with limousine the party bus rental is also offered. Usually limousine is taken on rent only for the main and important guests of the party or in case of weddings for bride and groom.  All the other guests are accommodated in the party bus rental service: http://columbuslimoservice.org/

In short, it is very important to know every detail about the limousine before hiring the limousine service for your occasions. Knowing all the details will help you in handling the car and utilizing it in the best possible way.


What’s Missing In Your Night Out – A Party Bus

If you’ve been planning a night out with your friends, you definitely want a memorable evening – one that will be talked about for years to come. You want your party to set the standard for parties to come. If you succeed in making your party a hit, your friends would love you for it. If you can somehow turn their boring night into an awesome getaway, they will owe you big time. http://chauffeured-limousines.com/choose-party-bus-company/


If you are having a hard time coming up with party ideas, I am here to help you. What you need is a unique take on party life. You should get away with the usual party night out like eating out or going to a bar and drinking. You are better than that! What you ought to do is to spice things up by bringing out something extraordinary and surprising. You can do that easily by renting a party bus! Yes, that’s right, a party bus or a limousine night out is a very unique way to spend your evening and one that will be unforgettable for years to come.

Here’s what you’re going to do to make your party bus night out spectacular:

Plan ahead

Make sure to call the party bus rental first before telling anyone about your plans. There are times that party bus rental companies will get fully booked and this will give you a hard time to get the car you want.

Look for their information

Do your research about the company you are going to hire before signing the contract. Make sure that you know what to expect before the party bus arrives at your house.

To save money, split the bill

If you consulted with your friends and they are happy with your party idea, you can have them split the bill with you. This would dramatically decrease your expenses and they will surely get their money’s worth.

Plan your route

Most party bus companies have a strict hourly rate which means that you would pay higher than the average rate once you exceed your agreed hours. To avoid exceeding the agreed hours, you need to plan the route. If you have several destinations in mind, you need to plan the best route to have the shortest time spent on the road.

Check what’s included

Make sure to check what is included on your party bus. These include freebies and other services that may be included in your contract. Also, don’t consume anything inside the party bus unless you’re sure it’s free. Most companies would charge the items you get from the party bus separately.

These are just simple tips to make your party livelier and more entertaining. If you want more party ideas, you can visit this website.

6 Tips to Renting the Right Limousine

HomePageA limo ride is a luxury ride that everyone should experience even once in their lifetime. It’s an experience that can make a simple day or night memorable. Don’t let your only limousine ride in your life be on your prom night.

Having said that, there are finer details to iron out before you can rent a limousine. I’ve written below some of the best tips that you can use when you want to rent a limousine.

  1. A limousine ride can make a night enjoyable

I am not saying that you can’t enjoy the night on your usual routine. What I’m saying is you can make your night more interesting if you can make it memorable. Invite your friends and share a limousine ride with them around town. You can visit the hotspots in your town and feel like a rock star even for a day. Now, that’s how you make a night memorable.

  1. To save money, travel on a weekday

It’s going to be tough to haggle on the price if you are going to rent during the weekends. During the weekends is when most customers will rent a limousine. This gives them the upper hand in price negotiation as there is higher demand than usual. If you want to save money when renting a limousine, rent during weekdays.

  1. Travel with friends

If you want a more fun and grander limousine ride, share the limousine with your friends. It will surely be weird if you are alone on that long vehicle. A limousine can comfortably support up to 10 people (or even higher depending on the model). They are called “party bus” for a reason. You can also save money if you share the expense with more people.

  1. Make sure you read your contract thoroughly

If you want to save money, you need to ask the limousine rental company if the fee includes everything. You don’t want to sign a document then later realizing that you will be paying separately for gas, tools, and parking.

  1. Do an early inspection

To ensure your safety during your ride, you can go for a quick inspection of the vehicle. Check their terms and regulations along with their insurance. Once you feel safe, you can then think about signing the papers.

  1. Learn to haggle

To get more out of your money, you must learn the art of negotiation. You must have the ability to squeeze many freebies while you are negotiating. What you can observe on many limousine rental companies is that their hourly rates are basically the same. Their only difference is the vehicle model and the amount of freebies you are going to receive. If you can negotiate for many extras on your rental vehicle, you are definitely going to get more out of your money.

You don’t actually have to spend a lot to enjoy a comfortable ride using a limousine. There are many ways to spend less money when renting a limousine. Enjoy your limousine ride and dance the night away!

How to Choose The Right Party Bus Company

Everyone likes to party whether they admit it or not. It is a fun way to spend the night especially if you are with your friends. One idea that most people don’t think about is a party bus rental. Few people actually consider this idea when going to the party mainly because it isn’t as popular as other fun activities. Do not limit yourself by doing the most common activity. Instead, opt for something new and exciting – just like renting a party bus for your night out.

A lot of people would assume that renting your own party bus is expensive bit it actually isn’t. There are some party bus companies that will charge more for sure. If you know how to find the right part bus company though, you can save a lot of money.

Here are the things you can do to find the perfect party bus rental company for you.

Check the cost of the trip before agreeing to the contract

When you hire a party bus, you will be given a base rate. Usually, this base rate does not include the driver’s fee and tip. Some companies will include the driver’s fee on their quote. To make sure that you won’t get any unnecessary fee, you should check in with the company before agreeing with the price. Even if the base rate comes with the driver’s fee, the tip will not be included in there. It is customary to tip anywhere from 15 – 20% depending on how you felt about the entire trip. When you compare prices between companies, make sure to include every expense to get a fair comparison.

Only rent from a licensed bus rental company

To be able to operate, bus rental companies need to have insurance along with other necessary licenses. If a company does not have a license to operate, they can’t provide insurance in case something goes wrong. To ensure your safety, just rent from a licensed company.

Check the bus before agreeing to the contract

You can check the quality of the interior of the bus before agreeing to pay for it. Make sure to check the audio system to know if it is compatible with your mp3 or smartphone player. You don’t want to find out after you pay that you can’t get your music playing on the bus. To avoid this from happening, check the interior and electronics of the party bus first.

Make an itinerary

Make a plan of your trip before you board on the bus. You need to have a time table of the night since most rentals have limits on their hours. You can check the company for this. If you exceed your hours, you will pay the extra hours which will cost a lot more. Avoid this from happening by making a plan and sticking to it.

Choosing the right party bus rental company can make your entire night unforgettable. If you are able to choose the right company, you can enjoy the night without having to worry about anything.

What Things a Limo Party Bus Rental Company Should Offer You

A limo rental can be a great way to add luxury and class to any event or party. Determining which limo to rent can be a bit overwhelming when you’re not entirely sure of what you’re looking for. One of the top options, especially for larger groups, is a limo party bus. Here are the top 3 things a limo party bus should offer you:

  1. Luxurious Amenities

A party bus rental should offer you a wide range of luxurious amenities to make you feel pampered and comfortable. Some of the amenities that you should be aware of are: AC and heat capabilities, strobe lights, a dancer pole, a karaoke with microphone, as well as a stocked bar. This is just a summarized list and the amenities can vary slightly from one party bus to the next, so it’s always a great idea to verify that everything you want is there before you proceed with the rental.

  1. Professional Driver

Making sure that your driver is both professional and certified can be a big issue when renting a limo party bus. In order to have a successful limo rental experience, it’s critical to ensure that your driver has the capabilities to drive you safely wherever you would like to go. You should look for a CDL license for any limo driver that you work with.  This certification can’t guarantee that you won’t have any issues, but it can definitely go a long way in giving you the peace of mind that you deserve. Knowing that you are in an experienced driver’s hands and not with an amateur can help you to feel more relaxed on your ride.

The other advantage to having an experienced driver is that you can tell them where you would like to go and have the confidence that they will know where to take you without having to give them step-by-step directions. This frees you up to enjoy your guests, and have a great time in the limo party bus without worry.

  1. Ability to Host Multiple Events

One of the biggest reasons that limo service is so popular is because of the wide variety of events that limousines can be used for now. A limo party bus can easily be used for more than just partying the night away, although that definitely has its merits. It can be used for wedding parties, birthdays, prom nights, and many other events. It makes for a great environment to enjoy your guests as well as the ride to your destination. See more details here!

Limousine service, and especially limo party buses, are continually growing in popularity due to their high-end look, luxurious amenities, and great versatility. They make every ride an experience all on its own, and help you to enjoy every minute that you’re inside of the limo. Whether you’re partying with friends, on a romantic ride with a date, or just enjoying your family, there are plenty of great reasons to make a limo rental a top priority for your next event.