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What’s Missing In Your Night Out – A Party Bus

If you’ve been planning a night out with your friends, you definitely want a memorable evening – one that will be talked about for years to come. You want your party to set the standard for parties to come. If you succeed in making your party a hit, your friends would love you for it. If you can somehow turn their boring night into an awesome getaway, they will owe you big time. http://chauffeured-limousines.com/choose-party-bus-company/


If you are having a hard time coming up with party ideas, I am here to help you. What you need is a unique take on party life. You should get away with the usual party night out like eating out or going to a bar and drinking. You are better than that! What you ought to do is to spice things up by bringing out something extraordinary and surprising. You can do that easily by renting a party bus! Yes, that’s right, a party bus or a limousine night out is a very unique way to spend your evening and one that will be unforgettable for years to come.

Here’s what you’re going to do to make your party bus night out spectacular:

Plan ahead

Make sure to call the party bus rental first before telling anyone about your plans. There are times that party bus rental companies will get fully booked and this will give you a hard time to get the car you want.

Look for their information

Do your research about the company you are going to hire before signing the contract. Make sure that you know what to expect before the party bus arrives at your house.

To save money, split the bill

If you consulted with your friends and they are happy with your party idea, you can have them split the bill with you. This would dramatically decrease your expenses and they will surely get their money’s worth.

Plan your route

Most party bus companies have a strict hourly rate which means that you would pay higher than the average rate once you exceed your agreed hours. To avoid exceeding the agreed hours, you need to plan the route. If you have several destinations in mind, you need to plan the best route to have the shortest time spent on the road.

Check what’s included

Make sure to check what is included on your party bus. These include freebies and other services that may be included in your contract. Also, don’t consume anything inside the party bus unless you’re sure it’s free. Most companies would charge the items you get from the party bus separately.

These are just simple tips to make your party livelier and more entertaining. If you want more party ideas, you can visit this website.

Tampa Limo Service

Tampa Limo Service

Tampa Limo Service is the topic that will be discussed in this article. You may wonder where the word “limousine” came from, and just what is a limousine, or limo. This history of this unusual word is just as unusual. The origin of the word limousine was in central France, where there was a region named Limousine before automobiles even existed. So, how in the world did a type of automobile come to be named after this town? The answer is that the shepherds in Limousine exclusively wore a special style of large cloak with a hood.view latest news!

The drivers, or chauffeurs for wealthy owners of an automobile adopted wearing such a garment, also, to protect them from the wind and bad weather. The owners rode in the back of their vehicles, where they had a top to block the weather, while the drivers were in an open front seat. Today, a limousine is a big luxury vehicle that, like in those old days of France, is driven by a chauffeur. It has plate glass separating the passengers from the chauffeur. Another use of the word limousine, or limo, is any large vehicle that carries people to and from airports.

What is a limousine?

A limo is specifically a luxury SUV or sedan, with an extended wheelbase, and is typically driven by a chauffeur. There are also stretch limousines that have the wheelbase extended even further from the usual limo size. Customarily, they are either a white or black car, with these symbolic colors identified as colors of prestige. The limo denotes wealth and power since they are often owned by the rich and famous of the world.

They are often used as a mode of transportation to and from international airports, as prestigious alternative to a taxi. They are also rented for events, such as weddings, parties and proms. If you live in Tampa, Florida, among other companies, there is a Tampa Limo Service that is offered every day, 24-hours a day. Most of these Tampa limo service companies also have a “live chat” agent around the clock, available from their online website.

Limousines are not just owned by a limo rental service. They are owned by governments around the world to transport distinguished politicians. Large corporations own limousines for their upper echelon executives to use. However, the stretch limousines are often used as rentals from a limo service. Unlike the standard limos, the stretch limos are custom built by an independent manufacturer. They take standard vehicles, and weld the extremely long sections that are so impressive. Such large vehicles are popular with celebrities, top athletes and musicians in North America and Europe. Some such vehicles are modified with heavy bullet-proof armor and plate glass for security.

Who makes limousines?

There are many styles of limos today, and they are manufactured by all the big name auto companies, such as Mercedes, Jaguar, Chevrolet, Ford, Volkswagen, Audi, and of course, the all-time classic Rolls Royce. Some American celebrities, such as the late Elvis Presley, and Jay Leno have owned a few limousines made by General Motors and Ford Motor Company. Elvis, who was fond of Cadillacs, had two Cadillac Series 75 Fleetwood limousines in the mid 50s. He also had a fine Lincoln Premier limousine. As you may expect from the King of Rock, all of his limos had the latest technology in high-end audio players, TVs, bar and fridge. Jay Leno, who is known as the biggest car collector in the world, owns a collection of splendid vintage Deusenberg limousines.

Other wealthy limo owners today own the popular Lincoln Town Car Stretch Limousines. They are offered in six, eight and ten-passenger models. The six- and eight-passenger model is very stylish with the two passenger seats facing one another. Some of the stretch Lincoln Town Cars have Lambo rear doors that catch attention by opening upward; while others have the Lincoln trademark “suicide doors” that open at the front. There are some really exciting variations of seat arrangements with the Lincoln Town Cars.

The larger ones are an extra eight feet longer than the standard Lincoln Town Car, which gives lots of room for these unique seats. The eight- and ten-passenger limos will sometimes have either an opposing front and back seat, or a front and back seat with an additional J-shaped seat. The J-shaped seat may even have an eye-catching fifth door at its end. They may even be stretched to 120 inches longer than standard Town Car length. There are 12-passenger Super Stretch limousines that are even 20 inches more in length, at 140 inches over standard length. They are so long that they are outlawed in some states of America.

Tampa, Florida is a city with many limousine services for tourists, executives, and residents of this beautiful subtropical city. Some have photogenic professional chauffeurs that are uniformed. They will make any special event with a limo service even more special.

If you are taking a trip to or from the Tampa International Airport (TPA), Orlando International Airport (MCO), St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport (PIE), there will be a limo service for you. Rates are around $55 each way for a wonderful ride in a sedan limousine for your airport transportation.

There is a variety of Tampa Limo Service offered

There are several different limo styles offered, so there is one that is perfect for your needs. They are the SUV, Sedan, Party Bus, and Tailgating Tampa Limo Service. Each will be described for your ideal selection:

Tampa SUV Limo

The SUV Tampa limo service will accommodate seven people plus your luggage stored on top. There are other special amenities for a stylish, cozy ride. The service with this and all Tampa Limo Service limousines is guaranteed to be a pleasurable trip. The cost is $75 each way.

The Sedan Limo

This is the ideal Tampa limo service. This stately Mercedes Benz seats up to fifteen easily. The ride will be the ultimate in comfort, with a smooth trip in store for you. There are some incredible features with the L3 ride. You can stand up and groove with the music from the great sound. There is also a cutting-edge light show with the flip of a switch. You can plug your laptop in for Wi-Fi, XM-Sirius with iPod, an iPad, and a DVD player for your own music taste. This is an ideal Tampa limo service choice for a night out. The price varies with the L3 package, so contact Tampa Limo Service for the one that is best for you.

Tampa Limo Service

Party Bus Limo

Party like it’s the NEW YEAR! The Party Bus Limo Service provides a party bus limo for up to 35 party-goer passengers. With this choice you can contact a limo service company and have a party with a custom theme.

Tailgate Limo

This is the ideal limo service package for your tailgating party to a Buccaneers game at anytime during football season. All you and your friends will have to do is have fun. The smooth ride, catered food & drinks, parking and more will all be taken care of. You can even get your tickets purchased through the Tampa limo service. Check around for the best Tampa limo service for you and your crew today.